Encore's Masquerade, NA NAP, NFP, PD
Ch. Encore's Opulence

Sweet Boys ~ 8 Weeks!

8 Weeks

4 Flashy Males

Whelped November 4, 2016
Futurity Nominated 2017

All SAS Clear
All Holtered Clear


For Information On This Litter Please Contact
Cheryl Cates ~ Showcates@aol.com

Several other exciting litters planned - stay tuned.
Please email or check back for litter details.

Occasionally adults are available.

Looking for a special show puppy; we invite you to consider
A puppy from one of our current or upcoming litters.
Serious inquiries are always welcome.

For additional puppies sired by Encore Studs
Please see our Referrals page
Further puppy information can be found
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*** Puppy Applications ***
Purchasing a Show Puppy
Purchasing a Pet Puppy

The majority of Encore puppies go to show homes. Occasionally we have pet puppies available. If you are interested in purchasing an Encore puppy, pet or show, please read the documents linked above and include the information requested in your email.

Determinations as to whether a puppy is available for show or pet are NOT made until the puppies are a minimum of 8 weeks of age.

In the interest of assisting you in your search for that special puppy, it is recommended that you inquire about the health testing of the sire and dam of any puppy you might purchase. This health testing should include heart clearances for Sub Aortic Stenosis and a 24 hour Holter with an acceptable reading.



20 Principles of Breeding Better Dogs
by Raymond H. Oppenheimer

Export Requirements

Ear Taping
Natural Ear Taping

Tail Banding

First Aid
Toxic Foods For Dogs

Whelping Calendar
Whelping Temperature Chart
Puppy Weight Chart

Health Testing
Shot Protocol

Early Spay And Neuter
Early Neurological Stimulation
Critical Periods in Puppy Development
Holter Monitor Hookup Instructions - Analog
Holter Monitor Hookup Instructions - DR180+
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